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About the Denver Climate

If you’re looking for open mountain air, stunning views, and amazing weather, Denver is your place.  This cool mountain city is nicknamed the Mile-High City because it’s located about one mile above sea level. Surrounded by trees and nestled right next to the Rocky Mountain Range, Denver is a picturesque town with plenty to offer. Along with Denver’s beautiful atmosphere, it also has a perfect climate. While you may think that because of its altitude Denver is cool and stormy, it actually has around 300 sunny days each year. Even though the climate is relatively mild, the weather does tend to change suddenly due to its high elevation.


Summers in Denver are relatively mild. The average temperature during the summer months is usually around 73 degrees. July, however, is usually a bit warmer. Even on the hottest days, the weather in Denver rarely reaches higher than 90 degrees. While usually mild, there are plenty of thunderstorms throughout the summer. Because of its location close to the mountains, tornadoes are rare. Instead, Denver residents need to be aware of the hailstorms that could strike at any time during the spring and summer months.


Fall in the Denver area is beautiful. With mild nights and cool days, it’s the perfect time to be outside enjoying nature, not to mention the beautiful fall colors that dot the scenery. Denver tends to see snowfall relatively early in the season due to its high altitude. While snow doesn’t usually fall until mid-October, some years have seen flurries as early as September.


While you might expect frigid winters, the cold season in Denver is fairly unpredictable. Due to the warming effect of the Chinook winds, winters are not only filled with low temperatures and snowfall, but also periodic bouts of mild weather. The snowfall in Denver averages just over 53 inches yearly, making it an excellent place to ski, snowboard, or sled.


Snowfall, hail, and rain are all common in Denver even throughout the spring. Some years, residents have seen snow up until June. Hail is especially common during the spring and summer months. In fact, Denver is ranked as the 10th city in the United States with the most hail storms. Because of this, residents should take extra precautions to ensure that their vehicles are covered to prevent damage during these violent storms.

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