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How Normal Dent Repair Can Damage Your Vehicle

Dents and dings in your vehicle are a sad reality. Hailstorms and nearby doors opened recklessly can cause the chips and bends in your car’s body that make you groan. There are two main ways to take care of vehicle dents: normal dent repair and paintless dent repair.

What Is Normal Dent Repair?

If you have a very serious dent, it may require you to choose a normal dent repair option. This involves the hassle of leaving your vehicle at an auto repair shop for a week or more to allow enough time for the repair process. Normal dent repair essentially involves removing the original paint from the area, after which a filler putty is applied to the dent location. The next day, after it’s been allowed to dry overnight, the putty is filed and sanded down. After that, a coat of primer is applied. Once the primer is dried, paint can be applied.

What Are the Side Effects?

Normal dent repair can quickly cause more lasting damage than a single dent to your vehicle, if the sanding is done improperly. Additional scratches may appear, and the sanded portion may end up looking rough in comparison to the vehicle if not done properly. Also, this sanded down portion is likely to look mismatched from the rest of the vehicle because it’s extremely difficult to match paint colors on vehicles correctly. The cost for the repair itself and the personal cost to you of leaving your vehicle in the auto shop for over a week may not be worth it.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

This type of dent repair involves a manipulation of the metal back into place from the inside out, much like a chiropractor gives people’s spines an adjustment. Paintless dent repair is when precise tools are used to reach behind fenders, inside door frames, and between body panels to push the dent gently back out and return the vehicle to its original shape. There’s no refinishing, sanding, or attempts to repaint the vehicle, and side effects to this type of repair are almost always undetectable.

The nice thing about getting a dent or a ding is that there’s more than one way to get your car fixed. You should consider the benefits of paintless dent repair for your next dent repair problem.

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