We specialize in restoring a vehicle's value after having gone through a catastrophic hail storm.

HailCo is a privately owned and operated paintless dent repair/removal company based in Denver, Colorado.

Customers are #1

HailCo is the largest independent paintless dent repair/removal company in Colorado. We specialize in restoring hail-damaged vehicles’ value. We deliver a streamlined experience, helping customers (consumers and businesses) through the process from start to finish. We employ only the best professionals in the industry and strive to do whatever it takes to ensure all our customers are satisfied.

We Offer Extra

We are one of the few paintless dent removal companies operating year-round. We have short repair times - on average 7-10 days after approval, and as little as 2-3 days if insurance is not involved. We work directly with all insurance carriers and help with a car rental while our customers’ vehicles are being repaired. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on our work for as long as you own your vehicle.

Team + Community

In addition to delivering exceptional work to our customers, we pride ourselves on extending unique work opportunities to our team members and give back to the communities we work in.

At HailCo, we live and breathe our core values:


We embody the drive, perseverance, and resilience necessary to succeed.

Growth Mindset

We catapult opportunities for internal and external growth. When our people grow, we increase the excellence in what we are able to deliver to our customers.


"We've got your back" – We do what’s right, act with integrity, and are your trusted partners to deliver exceptional work–fighting on your behalf.

Open and Honest

We tell it to you straight, the good, the bad, the ugly. All with the intent to be transparent to our customers and employees.

Win as a Team

We operate as a team, not individual superstars. When our customers leave completely satisfied then we’ve done our job.


HailCo believes strongly in giving back to the communities in which we work. We have chosen Make-A-Wish Colorado as the primary focus of our corporate philanthropy and are proud to be able to support local families undergoing extremely difficult situations. By granting a wish for children, we hope that they are able to stop thinking about their illness for a short time and focus on having an amazing experience. Indirectly, we support the charity in by sponsoring their annual golf tournament and other local events.

In 2018, we were honored to help a young girl achieve her wish of experiencing Disney World with her family. This child was diagnosed at just 3 years old with Doose Syndrome Epilepsy, also known as MAE which resulted in her experiencing up to 1,700 seizures in a single day. Through advances in treatment, her episodes have decreased substantially, but her epilepsy remains a constant life challenge for her and her family.

This year, 2019, HailCo is excited to continue its partnership with Make-A-Wish Colorado and has committed to grant a wish to a boy named Toby.

Toby is 4 years old and has been in treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for almost one year. Toby started showing signs of cancer in November of 2017. It was little things at first but by January of 2018 his parents knew something was wrong. They took him to the doctor and was advised to take him Children’s Hospital as soon as possible. After many tests, Toby was diagnosed with leukemia.

Aside from having cancer, Toby is strong and thriving as best as he can be throughout his treatments which lasts for 3 and a quarter year; of which he is not quite 1-year in. Toby is a silly, funny, sweet little boy! He loves Jesus, music, basketball, riding bikes, telling jokes and being a brother! He fills his family’s hearts and home with joy and strength, and they are blessed by him!

We are excited for the opportunity to send Toby and his family to Disney World where he will celebrate his 5th birthday and the half way mark of his treatments! We can’t wait to hear all about his wish and the   magical memories he made with his family!

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