3 Reasons Why Fleet Managers Should Have a Dedicated Hail Repair Partner

It is very common in the fleet management arena to use a body shop as a one-stop approach to any exterior damage to a Fleet vehicle. I refer to this approach as the “Swiss Army Knife” approach to repairs. Body shops can do many types of repairs but without a core focus, they are not able to excel at everything. Turnaround time or quality can be impacted while they are juggling the needs of different repairs. Hail repair usually falls behind in priority to their traditional collision and paint work. Having a competent hail repair partner is like having a Ginsu knife. It serves a specific purpose and does it quite well.

Here are three reasons why it would it be beneficial to have a dedicated hail partner:

  1. Turnaround time: a specialized hail provider will not have the conflict of interest of scheduling more lucrative body work ahead of hail repairs. Also, a competent hail repair shop will be able to minimize the need to order parts or paint panels due to PDR expertise. Nothing will be quicker than PDR for turnaround time to get your vehicle back on the road to making money for your business or serving the community.
  2. Customized Repair Strategies: a hail partner specializing in fleets, like HailCo, will have a dedicated representative to coordinate the estimate process and will develop a custom strategy for your business and its repair needs. They will arrange for their estimators to come to your facility for large scale repair needs or will valet the car to our facility for an estimate. They will assess your insurance policy requirements and will develop an appropriate repair plan.
  3. Technician availability: reputable hail repair facilities can flex up staffing levels and real estate space to provide higher repair capacity in the busy season, thus minimizing cycle time to get your vehicle back on the road. They can even deploy technicians to your facility for large scale repairs.

As you think about selecting a hail repair partner for your fleet, a few questions to ask a shop would be:

  • Are you an approved vendor for any fleet management companies?
  • Have you handled large-scale fleet repairs for multiple vendors?
  • What is your repair volume capacity?

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