If you’re new to the Colorado area, it’s important to know that hailstorms are a definite part of living in this beautiful state. However, there are many misconceptions about hail damage repair and paintless damage repair (PDR). To clear some of the biggest misconceptions up, below are the top myths that we can put to rest.


MYTH 1: I can’t afford to fix it.

The truth is your insurance policy will cover all of the damage caused by hail damage. Under the “Act of God” clause, drivers are not at fault for hail damage. After your policy deductible, all costs associated with repairs are covered by your policy. You may pay nothing at all!


MYTH 2: I can’t afford to pay for my deductible.

Depending on your personal deductible, which is usually either $500 or $1000, many trusted paintless dent repair providers will cover the first $500 of your deductible – in some special circumstances they may cover even more of your deductible. The cost of repairs from hail damage can often exceed $10,000, so depending on your deductible, you may pay anywhere from $0 - $500. Not a bad deal!


MYTH 3: I already have hail damage, so I should just wait until the next storm to get it fixed.

This is a common misconception. If your car has suffered damage from a previous storm and gets hit again your insurance provider has the right to withhold compensation from the original storm, or you may have to pay for two deductibles. Believe it or not insurance claim adjusters can tell the difference between old and new damage caused by hail. They may NOT cover the full cost of the repairs which means you’re stuck with paying the difference. Also, if the damage is too severe due to a second storm your insurance company may total your car. In that scenario, your vehicle will not be eligible for paintless dent repair.


MYTH 4: I already had a claim for hail damage, so my insurance provider won’t cover another claim for hail damage. I’m also worried my coverage will be dropped if I file another claim for hail damage.

Again, NOT true. As previously stated, this falls under the “Act of God” clause so no matter how many times you suffer hail damage to your car or truck, your insurance provider should cover the cost of repair and your insurance can not drop your coverage due to hail damage. Many drivers claim hail damage multiple times in one year.


MYTH 5: My insurance premium will increase if I get it fixed.

NOT true at all. Because the damage from hail is not your fault, your insurance premium will not increase under your comprehensive policy. That said, your insurance company may do a blanket increase across multiple zip codes if that area had a significant hailstorm. If that’s the case, it’s even more important to file a claim if you have hail damage. That way you’re at least getting your value back from the blanket increase.


MYTH 6: The value of my car will be depreciated.

When it comes to reporting your repairs to CARFAX, it’s generally up to the vendor. In most cases, if your car’s original parts are not replaced and can be repaired without disturbing the paint, then the repairs won’t be reported. It’s important to note that every provider is different and every case is different, so reporting it to CARFAX may or may not happen. It’s always advisable to ask your provider if the damage will be reported.

Note: HailCo does not record paintless dent repair to CARFAX since the original panels are repaired and not replaced. 


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